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Resident Meal Plans

Our resident meal plans are a convenient and affordable way for UNT residents to eat healthy, balanced meals every day of the week.Meal Plans

Commuter Meal Plans

As an off campus UNT student, you have access to both our commuter AND residential meal plans. Find your meal plan now!Meal Plans

Verde Catering

UNT’s Verde Catering Service is a world-class dining solution perfect for any occasion, from breakfast buffets to wedding ceremonies.Catering Services

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Residents of UNT will benefit from our great meal plan deals while taking advantage of our popular all-you-can-eat open dining. Learn more about resident meal plans, summer time plans, policies and the Food Advisory Committee.




Off campus students can also take advantage of our great meal plans. Learn more about meal plans, summer time meal plans and the Food Advisory Committee.






Faculty and Staff also have access to their very own UNT meal plans. Learn about this plan and the no-hassle Departmental Food Card which allows UNT departments to bill food purchases directly to an IDO.