Commuter Meal Plans

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Not all commuter students are alike, and neither are our Commuter
Meal Plans. Specially designed to fit the needs of students who live
off-campus, these plans cover a wide range of price points and meal
options. There's something for everyone!


College life can be hectic. Commuting to campus, attending classes, studying for exams, and working your evening job doesn't leave you much time for a social life. Why spend your precious free time grocery shopping, slaving over a stove, or washing dishes when you could purchase a UNT Dining Services meal plan and have your fill of healthy, made-from-scratch food, without preparation or clean-up!

Also, dining off campus can be very expensive and provide you with unhealthy eats that still leave you hungry.  You’ll want to take advantage of the tremendous savings, be nourished with our wholesome variety and prepare for the unexpected at any of our eleven award winning facilities. The food services staff will be here for you Monday through Sunday.

Remember to choose a Commuter meal plan that best fits your lifestyle.  You’ll want to think about how much time you have and how important food is to you.  Take a look below to consider your options.


2017-2018 - Resident Meal Plans (available to Commuters as well)


The price breakdown below accounts for one semester.


 Meals/SemesterPrice/MealFlex $BaseTaxTotalSavings
Eagle BasicUnlimited Sun - Sat$2.97$240$1,630$134.48$1,764.4862%
Eagle ValueUnlimited Sun - Sat$2.85$400$1,735$143.14$1,878.1463%
Eagle Super FlexUnlimited Sun - Sat$2.70$600$1,865$153.86$2,018.8665%
Scrappy BasicUnlimited  Mon - Fri$4.07$90$1,475$121.69$1,596.6947%
Scrappy ValueUnlimited  Mon - Fri$3.99$225$1,580$130.35$1,710.3549%
Scrappy Super FlexUnlimited Mon - Fri$3.78$525$1810$149.33$1,959.3351%



Commuters General Information


Door Price for Fall 2017-Spring 2018 at Bruce, Kerr, Champs and Mean Greens Dining Halls is $7.75 per entry. Door price for West Cafeteria is just $5.

Students living off campus or in fraternity/sorority houses may choose to purchase any Voluntary Meal Plan or any Resident Meal Plan. Plans can be bought online (click the "Get a Meal Plan now!" button in the nav bar) or from the Dining Services Office (Crumley Hall, Room 132).

If there are questions regarding the purchase of a meal plan, please contact our main office at 940-565-2462. We are open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.



2017-2018 - Commuter Meal Plans


Commuter Weekday, Any 10, 8's Enough, 1-A-Day and all Advantage meal plans cover one semester.
Commuter 80, 120, & 160 plans roll over semester to semester.


 # of Meals*Price/MealFLEXBaseTaxTotalDoor Rate**Savings
Commuter WeekdayUnlimited M-F$3.97-0-$1,350$111.38$1,461.38$7.7549%
Commuter Any 1010/wk$5.32-0-$905$74.66$979.66$7.7531%
8's Enough8/wk$5.44-0-$740$61.05$801.05$7.7530%
Commuter 160160$6.09-0-$975$80.44$1,055.44$7.7521%
Commuter 120120$6.46-0-$775$63.94$838.94$7.7517%
Commuter 8080$7.19-0-$575$47.44$622.44$7.757%
Advantage 660N/A  $660 $600 $49.50 $649.50$7.75 9% 
Advantage 805N/A  $805 $700 $57.75$757.75 $7.7513% 
Advantage 960N/A  $960 $800$66.00  $866.00$7.7517% 


*Meals served in our five Cafeterias. **Door rate applies to all Cafeterias except West, which is $5.00. 



2017-2018 -  Apartment Combo Meal Plans  (*NEW*)


Low-cost Commuter plans designed to make life easier for students living off-campus. Each plan includes Cafeteria meals (swipes) plus Declining Balance for use in Retail Food Shops.
Plans roll over from semester to semester. You can cancel any time and get a refund for your remaining meals and Declining Balance.

*PPM is Price Per Meal



Cafeteria Meals*

Declining BalanceBaseTax**Total
Any 40 Plus 30040 - PPM $6.88$300$575$22.69$597.69
Any 50 Plus 25050 - PPM $6.50$250$575$26.81$601.81
Any 60 Plus 200
60 - PPM $6.25$200$575$30.94$605.94


*Meals served in our five Cafeterias. **Tax is different for each because it’s based on cost of the cafeteria meals only. Tax isn’t charged on Declining Balance until time of retail purchases.



WEST CAFETERIA - Door Rate $5.00


Plan rolls over semester to semester.


West 10$5.00$50$4.13$54.13
West 20$4.75$95$7.84$102.84
West 30$4.50$135$11.14$146.14
West 40$4.25$170$14.02$184.03
West 50$4.00$200$16.50$216.50
West 100$3.75$375$30.94$405.94



    • These plans are only valid at West Cafeteria
    • All other meal plans are valid at all cafeterias including West

    • There are defined meal periods. See hours on the West Cafeteria page. 


Discovery Park Meal Plans



PlanMealsPrice/MealBase PriceTaxTotal
Discovery Park 4040$5.75$230$18.98$248.98
Discovery Park 8080 $5.50$440 $36.30$476.30
Discovery Park 120120$5.25$630$51.98$681.98


Declining Balance Meal Plans


Choose a preset plan below or a customized amount from $25 up. Preset plans can be purchased online; customized amounts must be purchased in Crumley Hall #132.
Balance rolls over semester to semester. 

Declining Balance 100 $100
Declining Balance 200 $200
Declining Balance 300 $300
Declining Balance 400$400
Declining Balance 500 $500



Purchase A Plan Today


Choose the meal plan that best fits your lifestyle. How much time do you have? How important is food to you? Do you like to bring your lunch? Do you like going off campus and giving up your parking space? Eating off campus can be very expensive. How important is budget to you?

Many commuter students augment their McDonald's, Sonic, Subway or other retail habit with traditional wholesome and nutritious meals in one of our cafeterias on campus.

Residence hall dining facilities are open to all university students, faculty, and staff. Friends, relatives and guests are welcome to pay with cash or credit card- we do not take checks. We offer very reasonable prices, excellent value and great quality. Champs, Bruce, Kerr, Mean Green, West cafeterias also accept credit cards.


Set up a meal plan online.

For more information please visit the Dining Services office located in Crumley Hall, Room 132. Our phone number is 940-565-2462.


Payment Options

Cash, checks, and all major credit cards are accepted for payment of meal plans in the Dining Services office. You can sign up online and pay with a credit card.


Dining facilities are open to all university students, faculty, and staff. Friends, relatives and guests are welcome to pay with cash or credit card- we do not take checks. We offer very reasonable prices, excellent value and great quality. Champs, Bruce, Kerr, Mean Green, West cafeterias also accept credit cards.


Students living off campus or in fraternity/sorority houses can choose from any of our Voluntary or Resident Meal Plans. Plans can be purchased from the Dining Services Office (Crumley Hall, Room 132), or online by clicking the "Get a Meal Plan Now" button at the top right of this page.