Favorite Spots Around Campus


Khush Roti
Nine hearty international sandwiches grilled to perfection. Seasoned twister fries, fountain beverages and unique bottled sodas, chips, and homemade peanut butter bars.

Location: Between the General Academic Building (GAB) and Info. Science Building (ISB) 


Biz Café
The café offers a pass thru convenience shop featuring the popular "SNAP!" sandwiches, salads and side items as well as a great selection of bottled beverages, fountain drinks, and packaged snacks. In addition, you can grab a cup of fresh Starbucks coffee or Tazo tea.

Location: Business Leadership Building 


Go! Station
With grab-&-go food created in our own kitchens, bottled drinks, snack items, and Peet's Coffee & Tea bar, the SNAP! Station makes life on the run more enjoyable.

Location: Wooten Hall 


Café G.A.B.

This cozy spot houses North Texas' first Caribou Coffee, serving a full range of espresso drinks, coffee, and tea. Grab-&-go items, snacks, pastries, and cold beverages are available as well.

Location: General Academic Building (GAB)


Park Place Market
Made-to-order grill, ready-to-go sandwiches, salads and bakery items, candy, cold beverages and Starbucks Coffee.

Location: Discovery Park