Resident Meal Plans

Most students living in residence halls (view details) are required to have a 5-Day or 7-Day Resident meal plan. Both plans allow you to take advantage of our popular all-you-care-to-eat Cafeterias as often as you wish and include FLEX for use in our Retail Food Shops.

The best deal is the 7-Day Super plan. How much value? Well that depends on how often and how much you eat. There are three traditional meal periods (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) in a day. Our experience shows students can eat several more times in a day. Our Cafeterias serve continuously and students may eat as much as they want as often as they want — there are no limits!

The 5-Day plans are also a good value; however they do not cover weekends or have a greater FLEX option. If you absolutely intend to spend every weekend off campus, then the 5-Day plan (Monday-Friday) is for you. However, if you stay on campus at least one weekend per month, a 7-Day plan (7 days a week) is the best value.

This program allows you to visit any Cafeterria at any time as often as you wish when they are open. For Cafeteria days and hours, please visit our Dining Halls page. For a breakdown of our Resident plans and pricing, please see below.

2018-19 Resident Meal Plans

The price breakdown below accounts for one semester.

7-Day BasicUnlimited 7 Days a Week$240$1,690$139.43$1,829.4361%
7-Day ValueUnlimited 7 Days a Week$400$1,800$148.50$1,948.5062%
7-Day SuperUnlimited 7 Days a Week$600$1,935$159.64$2,094.6464%
5-Day BasicUnlimited Mon - Fri$90$1,530$126.23$1,656.2347%
5-Day ValueUnlimited Mon - Fri$225$1,635$134.89$1,769.8948%
5-Day SuperUnlimited Mon - Fri$525$1,875$154.69$2,029.6950%

Discovery Park Meal Plan Conversion Options

5-Day Basic Conversion (DH - Bruce, Champs, Kerr, Mean Greens, and West)

Prices cover 1 semester

PlanDH MealsX-ComboDisco $FLEXBaseTaxTotal
DP 160+225160-0- $225.00 $90$1,530$126.23$1,656.23
DP 120+350120-0- $350.00$90$1,530$126.23$1,656.23
DP 80+45080-0- $450.00$90$1,530$126.23$1,656.23
DP 8+3758/week-0- $375.00$90$1,530$126.23$1,656.23
DP X-ComboUnlimited 1 per Day-0- -0- $1,530$126.23$1,656.23
7-Day Basic Conversion (DH - Bruce, Champs, Kerr, Mean Greens, and West)

Prices cover 1 semester

PlanDH MealsX-ComboDisco $FLEXBaseTaxTotal
DP 160+300160-0- $300.00$240$1,690$139.43$1,829.43
DP 120+425120-0-$425.00$240$1,690$139.43$1,829.43
DP 80+52580-0- $525.00$240$1,690$139.43$1,829.43
DP 8+4508/week-0- $450.00$240$1,690$139.43$1,829.43
 DP X-Combo Unlimited1 per Day -0-$150 $1,690$139.43$1,829.43

DP X-Combo - Students on this plan exchange FLEX dollars for 1 daily combo meal at Discovery Park. The daily combo meal is the student's choice of 1 Grill Sandwich or 1 Deli Sandwich or 1 Entrée. The daily combo also includes the student's choice of 1 side item and a fountain beverage.   

Students who have classes at Discovery Park can purchase a Discovery Park meal plan. This meal plan needs to be purchased or converted (prior to 5pm on the 2nd Friday after the dorms open for the semester) in the Dining Services office (second floor of the Welcome Center). Proof of Discovery Park class must be presented at time of purchase or conversion.

Most conversion Discovery Park meal plans change the traditional meal plan to a block plan with Disco Dollars and FLEX. Disco Dollars work like FLEX, but can only be utilized at the retail dining options in Discovery Park. The FLEX can be used at any campus retail dining location. The DP-Combo meal plan continues the unlimited Dining Hall meals and converts the FLEX dollars into a DP-Combo meal per day option.

All student meal plans must be purchased online. Student meal plans will be added to the student's account. If you have a required meal plan, the price will be consolidated with your housing payments for your convenience.

Have a question regarding meal plans? Give us a call at 940-565-2462, email us at, or visit our office on the second floor of the Welcome Center.