Restaurant Locations

Looking for a quick bite with friends? UNT Dining Services has Retail options to satisfy every taste, with convenient locations near your class or office. Our campus dining halls feature a variety of freshly prepared meals, snacks and beverages. Our retail locations offer a great variety of popular choices from Chick-fil-A to sushi. Whether you are looking to relax in one of our dining halls, or just stopping by for a quick snack, we look forward to serving you your next meal.

You can find complete information on our campus restaurants and markets, and their offerings on this page. Just click one of the links on the left or scroll down to see them all. All UNT retail locations accept cash and credit cards, Flex, Green backs (DCB).

Location Closures

Due to the construction of the new Union, locations in the current Union will close in staggered fashion. In August (tentatively), a temporary food court located between Sycamore Hall and Sage Hall will open. It will house Chick-fil-A, Boar's Head Deli, and Market Homestyle Cooking.

Click here for most current project updates.

All of our dining halls accept cash, checks, flex, declining balance and meal plans. Retail locations accept flex and declining balance dollars as well as cash, checks, and credit cards. 

Fall 2015 Hours of Operation

RETAIL LOCATIONS - Hours subject to change
      Mon - Wed     Thurs       Fri.   Sat.       Sun.
Building Restaurant AM        PM AM       PM AM      PM  AM          PM    
Discovery Park Starbucks 7:30      6:30      7:30    6:30 7:30    3:00  ------         ------
  Park Place 9:00     3:00 9:00   3:00 9:00    2:00  ------         ------
Food Pavilion  Food Court 7:30      7:30 7:30     7:30  7:30    4:00  ------         ------ 
  Chick-fil-A  7:30      7:30  7:30     7:30  7:30    4:00   ------         ------ 
  Deli Boars Head  10:30    6:30  10:30    6:30 10:30  3:00    ------         ------ 
  Marketing Homestyle Cooking  7:30      6:30 7:30      6:30  7:30    3:00  ------         ------ 
  Cantina Fresh  10:30     3:30 10:30    3:30 10:30  3:00   ------         ------
Bus. Leadership BLB Cafe 7:30      10:00 7:30     10:00 7:30    5:00  ------         ------
Wooten Hall  Go! Station  7:30       8:30 7:30      8:30 7:30   2:00  ------         ------
GAB  Cafe G.A.B.  7:30       7:00  7:30      7:00  7:30    3:00   ------          ------ 
Near the GAB  Khush Roti  8:00    5:30  8:00    5:30        8:00    2:00     ------          ------ 


Food Court - between Sage Hall and Sycamore Hall

Chick-fil-A Express 
Get your chicken fix right here. Chick-fil-A knows chicken better than anyone else. Great taste everyday!

Boar's Head

Without question, Boar's Head makes the best deli products on the market.  They produce meats and cheeses with no fillers, artificial flavors, color dyes or trans fats and the products are gluten free!  Come enjoy a custom made sandwich on one of our robust breads. Also, signature soups are served hot every day.

Market Homestyle Cooking 
Just because you're away from home doesn't mean you can't have home-style meals! Grab a hearty breakfast platter or drown some chicken tenders and potatoes in creamy gravy for lunch or dinner.

Favorite Spots Around Campus

Khush Roti
9 hearty international sandwiches grilled to perfection. Seasoned twister fries, fountain beverages & unique bottled sodas, chips, and homemade peanut butter bars.

Location: Between the General Academic Building (GAB) and Info. Science Building (ISB) 

Biz Café
The café offers a pass thru convenience shop featuring the popular "GO" sandwiches, salads and side items as well as a great selection of bottled beverages, fountain drinks, and packaged snacks. In addition, you can grab a cup of fresh Starbucks coffee or Tazo tea.

Location: Business Leadership Building 

Snap! Station
With grab-&-go food created in our own kitchens, bottled drinks, snack items, and Peet's Coffee & Tea bar, the Go! Station makes life on the run more enjoyable.

Location: Wooten Hall 

Café G.A.B.

This cozy spot in the middle of the General Academics Building houses North Texas' first Caribou Coffee, serving a full range of espresso drinks, coffee, and tea. Grab-&-go items, snacks, pastries, and cold beverages are available as well.

Park Place Market
Made-to-order grill, ready-to-go sandwiches, salads and bakery items, candy, cold beverages and Starbucks Coffee.

Location: Discovery Park


Because vendors are separate companies, they do not accept FLEX or Declining Balance Dollars

Southern Tsunami Sushi 
Get a taste of Japan right here in North Texas. Our sushi chefs create a wonderful array of fresh sushi dishes every day.